The Tomb of Christian Rosencreutz

This first in a series of Golden Dawn VR environments is actually the famed "Vault of the Adepti" of the Golden Dawn's inner-Order, the .'.RR et AC.'. Those of you with some familiarity with Masonry might recognize the general theme of the Tomb of Christian Rosenkrutz.

Virtual Vault of the Adepti

by Aaron Leitch and Frater PDS

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Music: "The Temple" by Lvx.
Album: Golden Dawn.

Let me offer some disclaimers: This is not intended as a fully accurate depiction of a real Vault. I have left out several minor details- such as the Names on the Vault Floor, all detail in the Seven-Headed Dragon, the Hieroglyphs on the Pillars, etc. (Also note that the four stained-glass Archangel windows in the Portal are strictly decorational.)

The color formula for the Vault Walls has also been greatly simplified. (Note there are two formulas given in the 5=6 Rite, and I have opted for the simpler one in the VR Vault.)

Also, please note that everywhere you see an octagon in this Vault, a circle or cylinder is intended. I used the octagons to cut down on time and computer memory. So, the Altar and Rose in the Vault, the Pillars, etc - are all in fact round.

Future environments will depict all six outer-Order Halls of the Golden Dawn proper.

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Now let us explore the Tomb of Christian Rosencrutz:

From The Golden Dawn by Israel Regardie, p232:

Frater NN ... while repairing a part of the building of the College of the Holy Spirit, endeavored to remove a brass memorial tablet... In this tablet was the head of a strong nail or bolt, so that when the tablet was forcibly wrenched away it pulled with it a large stone which thus partially uncovered a secret door, , upon which was inscribed in large letters "Post CXX Annos Patebo" - After an hundred and twenty years I shall open. With the year of our Lord under: 1484...

p233: Before the Door of the Tomb, as symbolic Guardians, are the Elemental Tablets, and the Kerubic Emblems, even as before the mystical Gate of Eden stood the watchful Kerubim, and the Sword of Flame.

p.233: Upon more closely examining the Door of the Tomb, you will perceive, even as did Frater NN and those with him did perceive, that beneath the CXX in the inscription were placed the characters IX thus- being equivalent to Post "Annos Lux Crucis Patebo" - "At the end of 120 years I, the Light of the Cross, will disclose myself."

Frater NN and his companions forced open the door, and there appeared to their site a Tomb of Seven Sides and Seven Corners.

p.242-246: Cheif Adept: I now procede to instruct you in the mystic symbolism of the Tomb itself. It is divided into three parts - the Ceiling which is White; the Heptagonal Walls of seven Rainbow colors, and the Floor whose prevailing hue is black; thus showing the poewrs of the Heptad between the Light and the Darkness.

Although in the Tomb the Sun does not shine, it is lit by the symbolic Rose of our Order in the center of the first heptagonal ceiling. [...]

On the ceiling is a Triangle enclosing a Rose of 22 petals, within a Heptangle formed of a Heptagram reflected from the Seven Angles of the Wall. The Triangle represents the Three Supernal Sephiroth; the Heptagram, the Lower Seven; the Rose represents the 22 PAths of the Serpent of Wisdom.

The Floor has upon it also the Symbol of a Triangle enclosed within a Heptagram, bearing the titles of the Averse and Evil Sephiroth of the Qlippoth, the Great Red Dragon of Seven Heads, and the inverted and evil triangle. And thus in the Tomb of the Adepti do we tread down the evil powers of the Red Dragon, and so tread thou upon the evil powers of thy nature. For there is traced within the evil Triangle, the Rescuing Symbol of the Golden Cross united to the Red Rose of Seven times Seven Petals.

And between the Light and the Darkness vibrate the Colors of the Rainbow, whose crossed and reflected rays, under the Planetary Presidency are shewn forth in these Seven Walls.

Each Wall of the Tomb is said mystically to be in breadth five feet and in height eight feet, thus yeilding forty squares, of which ten are marked and salient, representing the Ten Sephiroth in the form of the Tree of Life, acting throughout the Planet. The remaining squares represent the Kerubim and the Element Spirit, the Three Alchemical Principals, the Three Elements, the Seven Planets and the Twelve Signs, all operating in and differentiating the rays of each Planet. Note that in all, the Cental upper square alone remains white and unchanged, representing the changeless Essence of the Divine Spirit, thus developing all from the One, through the Many under the government of One.

Remember that thou hast entered by the door of the Planet Venus, whose symbol includes the whole Ten Sephiroth of the Tree of Life.


The Head of the Pastos is white, charged with a golden Greek Cross and Red Rose of 49 Petals.

SEE vault5.gif

The Foot is black with a white Calvary Cross and Circle placed upon a pedestal of Two steps.

p.239: Behold the Image (points to lower half of lid [of pastos]) of the Justified One, crucified on the Infernal Rivers of DAATH, and thus rescuing Malkuth from the folds of the Red Dragon.

(points to upper half of lid): And being turned, I saw Seven Golden Lightbearers, One like unto the Ben Adam, clothed with a garment down to his feet, and girt with a Golden Girdle. His head and his hair were white as snow, and His eyes as flaming fire; His feet like unto fine brass, as if they burned in a furnace. And His voice as the sound of many waters. And He had in His right hand Seven Stars, and out of His mouth went the Sword of Flame, and his countenance was as the Sun in His Strength.

SEE vault9.gif

On the sides are depicted the 22 Colors of the Paths between Light and Darkness.

Photos Of The Portal

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