Llewellyn Expert Reader Review of

Secrets of the Magickal Grimoires by Aaron J. Leitch

  • Is publication recommended?

  • What is the work about?
    See the Table of Contents. The entire review (explaining the contents of each chapter) will be here soon!

  • Does the author write well?

  • Is the manuscript well organized?
    Yes, but make absolutely sure to include an index when publishing this book.

  • What is unique and valuable about this book? Why should we publish it?
    This book collects and interprets almost every fact, theory, and speculation related to medieval ritual magick. It tackles some rather difficult and obtuse subjects that normally require years of study to interpret in a manner that makes them accessable to the reader. There are very few texts of this type, and this book is easily on par with (and in some ways, superior to) A. Crowley's "Magick in Theory and Practice" and Regardie's "The Complete Golden Dawn." It has everything on ecould need to perform magick from the grimoires, adn is a complete system in its own right. In short, it's a master-work, and it needs to be available!

  • Do you recommend any additional material to enhance the value of this work?
    A Glossary and Index.

  • Will the manuscript require expert editing? Extensive copy editing?
    It may not require it, but this is a very long book, and it should be edited again just to catch any errors.

  • Please list any specific suggestions of concerns directed to the Author's or Editor's attention, giving page references.
    If there are errors in this book, I am not qualified to recognize them. Everything looks good to me, but I do not have the depth of experience needed to verify it. You could check with Joseph Peterson (the compiler of the Esoteric Archives CD-Rom and editor of the newest version of the Lesser Key of Solomon...) if you are concerned with accuracy, but I do not think that is necessary.

  • Does it include illustrations or guidelines for illustrations? Tables or charts?
    It includes dozens of all of these.

  • Do you have any production concerns that should be addressed before a contract is signed?
    Make sure you print a hard-cover version.

  • Are there any obvious premission problems? Are there obvious privacy/libel issues? Negligent/dangerous instructions?
    There is a lot of quoted material in the text, and several pictures of unfamiliar origin. I think they are all from the public domain, but it may be a good idea to make sure that it all falls under fair-use copyright law anyway. As far as dangerous instructions go- many people consider working with the grimoires inherently dangerous; Llewellyn will have to make that call.

  • To what market is the work directed?
    Hermetic magicians, primarily, but this work may find a second market with academics and clergy in various Universities and churches.

  • Suggested Price Range?
    $55 - $80 Hardcover (I'm not only suggesting this, I'm begging you to do it!)
    $20 - $35 Heavy stock trade paper

  • What is the competition like? How does this product differ? How can it be made to stand above similar titles?
    There is very little competition for this book. Others have been written on the same subject, but I have not come across any that are as useful and well written. It is easily in the same class as "The Complete Golden Dawn", "Magick in Theory and Practice", "The Equinox of the Gods vols. I-IX" and similar titles. There should be no need to make it 'stand above' these other titles, as it occupies a different niche, but it should be produced to the same standards as other books of this nature- this means it should have a hard cover, it should be printed on good, quality stock, and it should include a good glossary and index. I know it costs more, but if you make this book right, it will almost certainly occupy a cherished place on most ritual magician's bookshelf, and could very well become a collector's piece ala Magickal Childe's version of "A True and Faithful Relation of what happened for many years between John Dee and some Spirits."

  • Even if we reject this submission, is this an author who might be encouraged in another area or for another product? Any suggestions for such?
    Just don't reject this submission!!! This guy is obviously into Grimoire work, and I would be surprised if he has a comparable level of knowledge in any other field of study.

    Secrets of the Magickal Grimoires
    Copyright © 2002 C "Aaron Jason" Leitch.

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