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Table of Contents

Secrets of the Magickal Grimoires



Part One: Oculta Philosophia

Chapter One: Medieval Magick

  • The Medieval and Renaissance Eras
  • The Classical Grimoires
  • The Picatrix (Gh‚yat al-HakÓm fi'l-sihr)
  • Key of Solomon the King (Clavicula Salomonis)
  • Lesser Key of Solomon (Lemegeton)
  • Goetia
  • Theurgia-Goetia
  • Pauline Art
  • Almadel of Solomon
  • Ars Nova
  • The Notary Arts
  • Three Books of Occult Philosophy
  • The Magical Elements (Heptameron)
  • Fourth Book of Occult Philosophy
  • The Magus (Celestial Intelligencer)
  • The Book of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage
  • Arbatel of Magic
  • Sworn Book of Honorius (Liber Sacer Juratus)
  • The Dee Diaries
  • Five Books of the Mysteries (Quinti Libri Mysteriorum)
  • A True and Faithful Relation
  • The Grimoire of Armadel
  • Grimorium Verum
  • The Grand Grimoire (Red Dragon)
  • Conclusion

  • Medieval - Renaissance Timeline

    Chapter Two: Shamanism, Tribal to Medieval

  • Shamanism
  • The Prophets
  • Merkavah And The Baalim Shem
  • Medieval European Urban Shamanism: The Grimoiric Masters
  • Three Worlds, Four Pillars
  • The Luminous Ones, or The Sons of God
  • A Medieval / Renaissance Definition of Magick
  • Conclusion: Modern Grimoiric Shamanism

    Chapter Three: The Art of Ecstasy: Way of the Prophet-Shaman

  • Rising on the Planes, or Mental Circuitry
  • Psychotropics: Ancient History
  • Psychotropics: In the Grimoires
  • Sensory and Stimulus Deprivation
  • Fasting and Vegetarianism

    Chapter Four: The Art of Devotion: Way of the Temple Priest

  • The Rise of the Priesthood
  • From Priests to Kings, and From Palaces to Temples
  • The Role of the Priest
  • Devotional Magick
  • Spiritual Authority
  • Confession
  • Psalmody
  • Words of Power
  • Sacrifice in Grimoiric Magick

    Part Two: Oculta Practique

    Chapter Five: Magickal Timing

  • Magickal Days
  • Magickal Hours
  • Calculating Magickal Hours
  • Elective Astrology
  • Chart Interpretation
  • The 36 Faces of the Decanates

    Chapter Six: Magickal Tools Part I: Basic Tools and Holy Implements (Celestial)

  • Thread Spun by a Young Virgin??: Finding Obscure Items
  • The Aspergillum and the Consecration of Water
  • The Censor and the Consecration of Incense
  • Holy Anointing Oil
  • The Silk Cloths
  • The Burin, Needle, and Other Iron Instruments
  • The White Robe
  • The White-Hilted Knife
  • The Holy Lamp and Candles
  • The Solomonic Wand

    Chapter Seven: Purifications and Prayer

  • The Solomonic 9-Day Purification
  • Creating Prayers and Invocations
  • Selection of the Place
  • The Solomonic Ritual Bath
  • Standard Procedure
  • The One Month Purification
  • The Twelve Hour Purification

    Chapter Eight: Angelic Work (Theurgy)

  • Angelic Diplomacy
  • How To Summon Angels
  • The Calling of Angels into the Shewstone, from The Magus
  • The Angelic Book (Sepher Malachim, or Liber Angelos)
  • Fashioning the Angelic Book
  • The Archangels of the Days, Hours and Heavenly Spheres
  • The Seven Planetary Intelligences
  • The Ruling Angels of the Planets
  • Consecrating the Angelic Book
  • Using the Angelic Book
  • Experiencing the Angels

    Chapter Nine:

  • Magickal Tools Part II: Of the Talismanic Arts (Natural)
  • The Pen, Ink, and Colours
  • Consecration of Parchment and Paper
  • Consecration of Wax and Virgin Earth

    Chapter Ten: Talismans and Image Magick (Natural Philosophy)

  • Sigils
  • Talismanic Magick in the Grimoires
  • The Particular Form of the Lamen, from The Magus
  • Consecrating Talismans
  • Image Magick
  • Of the Images of the Zodiac
  • Of the Images of the Faces
  • Of the Images of Saturn
  • Of the Images of Jupiter
  • Of the Images of Mars
  • Of the Images of the Sun
  • Of the Images of Venus
  • Of the Images of Mercury
  • Of the Images of the Moon
  • Of Wax and Earth
  • Consecration of Images
  • Chapter Eleven: Magickal Tools Part III: Tools of Protection, Weapons of Command (Goetic)

  • The Black-Hilted Knife
  • The Solomonic Sword
  • The Sickle, Scimitar, Dagger, Lance, or Poniard
  • The Pentagram of Solomon
  • The Hexagram of Solomon
  • The Ring of Solomon
  • The Secret Seal of Solomon

    Chapter Twelve: Conjuring Spirits (Goety)

  • Exorcism
  • Constraints and Curses
  • 'Historical Turning-Point': The Testament of Solomon
  • Spirit-Taming in the Grimoires
  • The Magickal Circle
  • Raising Familiar Spirits by a Circle, from The Magus
  • The Book of Spirits (Liber Spiritus)
  • The Seven Planetary Spirits
  • Afterward