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    Grimoiric Magick and Mysticism
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  • Twilit Grotto: Archives of Western Esoterica, by Joseph Peterson. That grimoire you've been looking for is more than likely right here.
  • The Magus, or Celestial Intelligencer, by Frances Barrett.
  • The Book of the Archer, by Benjamin Rowe
  • The Book of Soyga
  • The Picatrix
  • An Approach To The Operation Of The Arbatel Of Magic
  • The Art of Drawing Spirits Into Crystals: Taken from The Magus.
  • Angels and Demons. I'd say the bulk of them are listed here.
  • A Plague of Demons. From the site: "You've heard of a murder of crows?
    Or a clutch of bats? Here I've gathered a plague of demons..."
  • A Hypertext Book of Hours.
  • The Net Bible Project. The Bible online and searchable!

    The Grimoire Wizard's Library:

  • Secrets of the Magickal Grimoires. My own tome of medieval magick, made workable for the modern "third wave" magus. You could say this book is to Solomonic shamanism what Leary's book was to the Tibetan Book of the Dead. Not just a historical study, but a manual for folks who are serious about it. ;)
  • Forbidden Rites: A Necromancer's Manual of the Fifteenth Century
  • Conjuring Spirits: Texts & Traditions of Late Medieval Ritual Magic
  • The Fortunes of Faust, by Elizabeth Butler.
  • Ritual Magic, by Elizabeth Butler.
  • The (Greater) Key of Solomon the King
  • Lemegeton - The Complete Lesser Key of Solomon
  • Lemegeton, Clavicula Salomonis: Or: The Complete "Lesser" Key of Solomon the King
  • Agrippa's Three Books of Occult Philosophy, the grimoiric bible.
  • The Magus: A Complete System of Occult Philosophy
  • The Book of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage
  • Sepher Rezial Hemelach: The Book of the Angel Rezial
  • The sacred mushroom and the cross; a study of the nature and origins of Christianity within the fertility cults of the ancient Near East
  • Green Gold the Tree of Life: Marijuana in Magic & Religion, by Chris Bennet.
  • Shamanism: Archaic Techniques of Ecstasy, by M. Eliade
  • The Golden Dawn
  • Modern Magick: Eleven Lessons in the High Magickal Arts
  • Goetic Evocation: The Magician's Workbook, by Steve Savedow
  • The Book of Solomon's Magick, by P. Runyon
  • Summoning Spirits: The Art of Magical Evocation
  • The Complete Book of Incense, Oils & Brews, by Scott Cunningham
  • Grimoire of Armadel
  • 21st Century Mage: Bring the Divine Down to Earth A modern take on the Abramelin Operation.
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    Traditional Wicca Links
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    Alchemy Links
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  • The Alchemy Web Site and Virtual Library: 70 megabytes online of information on alchemy in all its facets.
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    Discordia Links
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    Unreal Tournament
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    I design and play in 3-Dimensional Virtual Reality worlds. If you've ever played Wolfenstein 3D, Doom / Doom2, or Quake, then you have a general idea what Unreal is like. (They call these "first-person shooters"- a war-game style arena in which you view the environment from the camera view. Unlike, say, Mario Brothers, where you are looking at a little man on the screen that is supposed to be "you." You can see your hand holding a weapon in front of you- and the arena is fully three dimensional.) However, Unreal was so-named because it makes Wolfenstein and Doom2 look like bulky primitive playthings. With the advances of Raytracing and Object-oriented Programming, the lid was literally blown off of the VR world. Gone are the days when VR environments looked like scenes from Dire Straits' video for Money For Nothing! We are fast approaching the realm of photo-realism in cyberspace. Since Unreal rocked the VR world several years ago, the other "first-person shooters" are quickly doing as well or better.

    But- as astounding as it was- that's not what made Unreal truly special. Displaying incredible foresight and genious, Epic Games decided to include- for free- the beta version of their editor with every game!! No technical support, no instructions. But, we had access to the very tools with which Epic had created the VR Environments in the Unreal Game.

    Then, along came the Internet. The fans started to figure the editor out, and posted manuals for others to use. Then, they began to create and share maps- some making names for themselves as "level editors." Today, we can enter an Unreal VR environment (called a map) and play face to face with other people anywhere in the world.

  • Epic Games Offical Site
  • Unreal Tournament Homepage
  • What more could be said?
  • I am a member of an on-line Clan of UT gamers. We are known as the Airborne Death Clan. We come from all over the world. You see, many of the maps created for Unreal Tournament are large enough to fly jets through. Our Clan specializes in airborne dogfighting. We are known for being VERY good at dominating a map from the air. And more than a few of us can handle ourselves on the ground in various environments as well... The Airborne Death Clan (or Clan=AD=) has an old website: And we also have a new website:, stull under construction. In the Clan, and in the greater Unreal VR universe, I appear as a skinny alien (called a Nali), and I am known as "Omlette Du Fromage." (That's all you can say! That's all you can say!!)
  • As a map designer, I'm probably an intermediate. I've played around with the editor and available manuals and shared tips for a few years. I like to concentrate on scenery and atmosphere- so I do a wonderful job there. But, I have much to learn yet about making the map "playable." That is, so that people playing inside the world I create find the gameplay smooth and logical. If you want to see some of my most recent work, you can take a pictorial tour of the map I created for my Clan:
  • Take a look into the greater cyberworld of Clans.
  • Here are several Environments (Maps) created by others.
  • During the 1990s, we were very excited about the possibility of "full emersion VR." Just like "first person shooters" put your viewpoint right at the camera's angle, we played with ideas for getting the other five senses into a "first-person" mode as well. In the end, one should be able to really "jack-in" to a VR environment- experiencing the world inside cyberspace as if it were a real world around you. (Think Lawnmower Man.) The first time I saw Wolfenstein, I suspected it held the seed of the future. When I saw Unreal, I knew the future had arrived- it was the perfect vehicle for experimenting with fuller emersion VR! Sure enough, along comes Cave UT! I haven't played with this yet, but it promises to allow you to truly physically "enter" the VR environment- you can look forward, up, down, and side to side and see nothing but the cyber-reality inside the computer. (You can turn around, though, and still see the physical room you're standing in behind you.)
  • Here are the UnrealEd Tutorials that can teach you how to use the Map Editor. Hey, buy the game (it's cheap!) and try it out! Maybe you and I can meet in a map you've designed yourself someday! I'll be the guy behind the missle that frags you from the sky! :)
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    My Friends
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  • Pilobilus!
  • Dom's Homepage
  • Selket Arts
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    Must-Have Free Downloads
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  • Web Ferret: This simple program will find nearly anything you can imagine on the Web. You have to see it to believe it!
  • Goldwave Digital Audio Editor: Absolutely amazing. There is perhaps nothing you can not do to a sound file with this program. Any recorded sounds I make for this site will be products of this awesome program.
  • Shockwave: A plug-in for your web-browser. This will allow you to play streaming video files- such as playing games and watching movies on the Web.
  • Conseal PC Firewall: The SAFEST way to stop network attacks on the desktop.
  • Softice EZpad 3.0: An HTML editor that is actually useful! I'm not usually one to use HTML editors, but this one makes file management of large sites a snap. Check it out!

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