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(The following was posted to an AOL "Ceremonial Magick" discussion board immediately following the passing of Stewart Farrar.)


As many of you may have heard, Stewart Farrar has recently passed away after a long illness.

Unfortunately, I've never had the pleasure of meeting the Farrars, though I have been both impressed and inspired by their work for many years. Their magnum opus "The Witches' Bible" (formerly "The Witches' Bible Compleat") has always stood in my opinion as the most scholarly, honest, and rational source for outer-court Traditional Wicca. Their work has been a shelter in the midst of the Insta-Pagan storm of the last decades.

I can not help but feel that we have lost One Of Our Own in Stewart's passing. He will certainly take his rightful place in history as a vital leader of our modern occult revival.

Stewart was certainly respected and beloved by Wiccan and Hermeticist alike. I hope others who have had the fortune meet Stewart will add their own experiences with the man here. Janet should be in our prayers as well, as this is necessarily a hard time for her. May divine blessings be upon both of their spirits.

[From The Witches' Bible, Requiem Ceremony:]

"We call to thee, Aima, bright fertile Mother; thou who art the womb of rebirth, from whom all manifested light proceeds. and at whose flowing breast all are nourished. We call to thee, who are also Persephone of the waxing Moon, Lady of Springtime and of all things new. We commend to thee Stewart Farrar, our brother. Take him, guard him, guide him; bring him in the fullness of time to a new birth and a new life. And grant that in that new life he may be loved again, as we his brothers and sisters have loved him."

Blessed Be